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Mary and MaryAnn Rompf won the USTA National Mother/Daughter Grass Court

Championships at Longwood Crickett Club in Chestnut Hill, MA August 3rd to 6th.

They were accompanied by their favorite coach, Bill Rompf. The Rompf’s lost just 8

games in their four matches.

Mary and MaryAnn had previously won the this event and the championship gold

ball in 2014 when MaryAnn was just 15 and have been finalists four times and 3 rd

place finishers twice. They had not played the championship since 2018 as

MaryAnn’s college tennis schedule conflicted with the event. Mary has now won

over 46 USTA National Championships (gold balls) and several silver and bronze

balls. MaryAnn has won 6 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze USTA national balls. Bill

Rompf’s record of his students winning national championships is now 50 years old

and well over 100, with Krunch Kloberdanz being the first at the USTA Boy’s 12 Nationals in 1987.

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