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Our inaugural scholarship winner, Taytum Jones, is making incredible progress on

the court since we first met him. In April, he won the Boy’s 16 L6 event in Tulsa and

then finished 3 rd in his first L4 in Little Rock, in both singles and doubles. These

fforts have moved up his rankings substantially. In just a little more than three

months, Taytum is now ranked#301 nationally, #9 in the MVTA, and #4 in OK.

Additionally, playing on the Cheyenne Middle School Varsity his team just won their

2 nd All Conference title.

WOW! We’d like to think we are helping this young man and to thank each of our

donors as well and wish him even more success as he goes into summer


Off court and academically he maintains his 4.0 GPA at Cheyenne Middle School, is

on the Principal’s Honor Roll, and a member of the Edmond Public School’s Honor

Society. His favorite subjects are math and history and he wants to play D1 tennis in

college and study architecture and law. He is also an accomplished cellist with

superior ratings at districts.

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