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Continuing to carve out a national presence, Taytum Jones capitalized on his well

earned opportunity to play the USTA Boy’s 14 National Hard Court Championships

in the Mobile, Alabama August 4-9. He played six matches and won four, winning

the first round of main draw 6-4, 6-1 and then again 6-2, 6-3 in his second match

upsetting the 62nd ranked Boy’s 14 in the US.! before losing his third match to the 4th

seed, a top 10 nationally ranked junior.

In the back draw, Taytum ploughed forward winning his fourth match 6-1, 7-5 and

then the next 6-2, 6-4, before losing to the 17th seed in a close match 6-4,6-3! In this

nationals, he only lost to seeded players and knocked one off! New to the muggy and

humid conditions in Alabama - in 100 plus degree weather - Taytum stated that

several players succumbed to heat exhaustion and cramping, including himself,

suffering leg cramps in his 2nd round consolations, before turning it back around and

winning. In addition to his outstanding play at Hard Courts, there is a sportsmanship award given out each day by the tournament staff and referees. Guess who won it on both 8/6 and 8/8? That’s right, Taytum Jones!

From State level player to qualifying and playing in two national tennis tournaments

this summer, beating top seeds and ranked players and winning six of ten national

event matches, Taytum Jones proved to everyone that he is a national caliber player

who can compete with the best in the US.

Rompf said that, “As always it is an emotional experience to watch a player you have

helped achieve their best. It has been an honor to have been able to help this young

OKC player find his best tennis and legitimize the foundation’s criteria to build

national junior players out of OKC just like we did in the 70’s and 80’s. And it has

been a unique privilege positive experience for all of our donors who so generously

supported us and helped to make this happen.”

Taytum’s mom, Starla Burk said, “Due to the generosity of the Bill Rompf Junior

Tennis Foundation my son Taytum Jones had the astounding opportunity to play

two national events this summer. We had never even considered this when we first

all met in December. Tay and I have been over the moon with all the adventures

he’s experienced. This is only the beginning! Thank you so much… for everything!!!”

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