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“Not a day goes by in my life that I am not thankful for my junior tennis days and all of the great memories.  Bill had high expectations for me.  He made it very clear to all of us that getting better and winning was the ONLY option.  Bill gave me the confidence to be a winner in just about everything I did in life.”


-Rob Braver

“At Boy’s 12 Nationals in San Diego (the year Krunch won it) I was losing in the Round of 16’s and I knew Bill was pissed.  I managed to split sets and during the split all he did was yell at me and tell me I was playing like a loser.  Then, he said, ‘Mitty, if you win this match, I’ll buy you a subscription to Playboy.’  I won the third set 6-0 and when I was 18 in Boston playing for Harvard I got the subscription he had promised.  What coach does that?  But, it worked.  He had an incredible ability to make us believe in ourselves and to never give up.  It has helped me my whole life.  I am definitely going to pay all of this back and help other kids do the same.”

-Mitty Arnold

“Bill never accepted the word ‘no’ and always tried to find a way to get what he wanted in life.  After driving to Tulsa several years to practice on clay courts before nationals (because there were no clay courts in OKC), he just decided to build a clay court in his back yard.  Nothing deterred him from doing whatever it took to achieve his dreams of producing national junior tennis champions.  This was his dream and he made it come true for himself and all of us.  I am very happy to support what he is doing with his scholarship.”


-Brian Devening

“I love Bill Rompf and consider him the most important person ever in my life; equal to my parents.  He taught me to be a winner and to never give up.  Knowing that he was watching me play allowed me to beat some of the best girls in the nation.  I knew that he believed in me and that fire he created made me win.  He instilled in us discipline, character, and determination and taught us we could always find a way to win.  It was inspirational and it is all from him.  It shaped my life and determined my career choices.  My most favorite memories and so many of my best friends are from OKC tennis days.  Now we have a chance to help other kids.  It makes me feel so good.”

-Meredith Geiger Walton

“I worked for Lehman Bros when they went down in 2008.  I lost almost everything.  Bill was one of the first people to call me that morning.  He was crying and I was crying and he told me that I would turn it around – just like my semi’s and final’s matches in San Diego at Boy’s 12 Nationals.  He said that what I learned on the court would make me strong against any set back and allow me to re-cover and re-build.  He was so right.  I’ll never forget what he taught me through tennis and it has aided me and guided me my whole life.  I owe so much to Bill Rompf.  I now I owe it to giving back by way of his scholarship.  What a great opportunity for me and those kids I can help.”

-Krunch Kloberdanz