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Bill Rompf made a substantial donation to the Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation this week in the name of his "best friend", Coco, who had to be put to sleep this past week. Rompf was not really ever a dog lover, but somehow that drastically changed when he inherited both MaryAnn's dog, Coco, as she went off to college and then, Boomer, Mary's dog, after their divorce. Both the dogs are Yorkies. Over the last 12 years (Coco was 16 and Boomer is 10), they have been his "closest and best friends" and constant traveling companions on his many road trips throughout the United States and Canada, visiting family and friends and forever exploring America. He believes they have been to at least 40 of the 50 states. Bill said their favorite part of each day on the road was "eating at fast food joints and staying in hotels." He believes that making Coco a part of his foundation is her way of staying in his heart and their continuing to give back by helping kids in tennis reach their goals and dreams.

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