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The Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation is a 501C-3 entity providing funding and financial aid to qualified Oklahoma City area junior tennis players who need support to be able to achieve their tennis dreams.  It is awarded annually to an Oklahoma City boy and/or girl who has proven themselves in the USTA/MVTA sectional play, will qualify for USTA national tournament endorsement through the MVTA section, or has the potential to achieve success at the sectional or national level. 



The Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation is need-based and will provide funding for USTA national tournament play (or for USTA/MVTA sectional tournament play in a year where there are no qualified national level applicants) with travel expenses for a junior boy and/or girl player who lacks the financial means to reach their potential and qualifies based on the foundation's criteria.  


Further, should there be an Oklahoma City boy and/or girl junior player who exhibits profound potential and promise at any level of the game, yet needs financial support to progress and achieve their dreams, the foundation's Scholarship Committee has the ability to help these players as well.  


For all scholarship awards, funding will be based on aspiration, character, citizenship, academic achievement, sportsmanship, dedication and desire.  All applicants will be required to provide information with regard to their financial need as part of the application process and requirements. 

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"Bill Rompf changed junior tennis in the state of Oklahoma forever.  In doing so, he changed my life and the lives so many other junior players.  He taught us that hard work and believing in ourselves would allow us to achieve our tennis dreams.  He taught us dedication, determination, character, and to never give up; to always find a way to be our best – both on the court and in life. 
His belief and true care in each of us has motivated me throughout life in my education, my career, my relationships, as a parent, and in facing challenge.  I can attribute it all to what we learned from tennis and Bill.   I believe it is my responsibility and obligation to pass this same opportunity on to other deserving young players who need help in achieving their dreams.  I wholeheartedly support this effort and hope you will too."

- Eric Aanes


In our own lives and experiences, we all know what the sport of tennis has given back to us in terms of hard work, character, persistence, handling challenge, competition, sportsmanship and so many other great life skills.


Here are two current articles that speak to the positive attributes of tennis and youth. Please make sure to view them so you understand the impact of what we are trying to do for kids and tennis and how important our mission and work is.


 Your generous donation to the Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation will provide the opportunity - that tennis gave to each of us – to kids whose tennis goals and dreams cannot be achieved without needed financial support.  We want to bring this game and all of the life skills and characteristics that it teaches to children who want to learn the game, want to improve their game, and want to take their games to the highest possible level of achievement.  Tennis helped you in every aspect of your life and throughout your entire life.  What gift could be better than giving this same opportunity to other kids who need our support.  This is a win-win in every respect.

Thank you.

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