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“Bill definitely taught us about hard work and that working hard in life is one of the most important life skills to achieve success.”

“He and his academy created a team and family atmosphere for us all in spite of tennis being an individual sport.”

“We all developed lifelong friendships and memories never forgotten from our tennis days.”

“Tennis and Bill instilled positive life skills that carried forward from the court and into all aspects of our lives, relationships and careers.”

“I learned to believe in myself and that I could achieve my goals and more if I worked hard and had faith in my own capabilities.”

“He taught us never to give up and to always find a way to win regardless of the odds.”

“The Rompf/Summerfield “hill” brought us all together and was the great equalizer whether we were a national champion or high school player.”

“The Rompf/Summerfield experience was “fox hole” mentality that created a common bond in us all.”

“Bill’s work ethic was so tough, and yet it was also so fun; looking back, I would not change it for anything.”

“Traveling to tournaments as a team and supporting one another built lifelong friendships and bonds still with us to this day.”

“My OKC tennis days were the best times of my life.  I will never ever forget those days and how they made me who I am today.”
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“Bill was an inspiration to me and his life lessons carried forward for me throughout my entire life: never give up, work hard, be willing to dig deeper to win every time, believe in yourself and all your dreams will come true.  Now, I want to pass this on.
On the low side, I remember when my mom called a line judge on me during a match I was playing against my brother.”
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“At Boy’s 12 Nationals in San Diego (the year Krunch won it) I was losing in the Round of 16’s and I knew Bill was pissed.  I managed to split sets and during the split all he did was yell at me and tell me I was playing like a loser.  Then, he said, ‘Mitty, if you win this match, I’ll buy you a subscription to Playboy.’  I won the third set 6-0 and when I was 18 in Boston playing for Harvard I got the subscription he had promised.  What coach does that?  But, it worked.  He had an incredible ability to make us believe in ourselves and to never give up.  It has helped me my whole life.  I am definitely going to pay all of this back and help other kids do the same.”


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Bill was instrumental in helping me get into Stanford.  My father called him late one night my senior year.  He hadn't been my coach for over 7 years when we moved to Texas, but we stayed in touch.  We had just heard that a fellow national competitor of mine who had signed to play at Stanford, but he had changed his mind and now was not going.  There was a quarter scholarship available.  Gould was at NCAA’s.  Bill finally tracked him down (in the shower no less) and asked if he could give it to me.  Gould said yes.  At Stanford I played my best tennis ever and was on three NCAA championship teams and was team captain my junior and senior years.  That phone call changed my whole life.
What a class act!



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“Bill was a strict disciplinarian.  In those days (the 70’s and 80’s) as a coach you could get away with a lot more than you can today.  If you got caught talking, hitting the wrong shot, missing an easy one, not giving 100% - or for whatever reason Bill had in his mind, Bill would let you know it.  And you’d have to be careful to avert any pegging which was his hidden tennis talent.
It was an amazing time, with an amazing group of kids assembled around an incredible sport and coach.  A very unique experience! Tennis taught me a lot about hard work, competitiveness, winning and losing. It also gave me the unique opportunity to see the world in a very special way and compete in some of the same events I grew up watching on tv.  I also got to meet and know many wonderful people over the decades of playing.  It gave me an appreciation of what it takes to excel at anything!  I learned a lot from my journey in tennis. There are many things I wish I would have done differently, but I still remember all the great times we had as a group at the Rompf Academy.  I hope others will be able to have this same opportunity and want to be a part of this endeavor.”

“Bill never accepted the word ‘no’ and always tried to find a way to get what he wanted in life.  After driving to Tulsa several years to practice on clay courts before nationals (because there were no clay courts in OKC), he just decided to build a clay court in his back yard.  Nothing deterred him from doing whatever it took to achieve his dreams of producing national junior tennis champions.  This was his dream and he made it come true for himself and all of us.  I am very happy to support what he is doing with his scholarship.”

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“My tennis days in OKC are my fondest life memories.  They developed a camaraderie in all of us and established lifetime friendships.  I would never be where I am today, or had the life I have had, without Bill pushing me in my earliest days to believe in myself, work hard, and go after my dreams. Now it is time for all of us to give back so that other kids can have the same opportunity we had.
Tennis has been my life and I am so lucky to be involved in this sport and to have accomplished all that I have.  Bill is totally responsible for this.  Our daughter now plays – she and I have won some national Mother/Daughter events and been ranked as high as #1.  These are life successes that are irreplaceable.  Tennis is truly an incredible gift.”

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“I was always scared before big matches, but Bill had a way to convince you that you could win – regardless of the quality or rank of your opponent.  And he would come up with a strategy to do it.  I remember at the Girl’s 18 National Hard Courts in Burlingame I had to play Beverly Bowes.  I was 5’2” and 95 pounds and she was almost 6’ and weighed at least 150 pounds and hit the ball harder than most boys.  There was no way I could hit with her.  Bill had me hit loops and moon balls to her and when she looked up to make the shot, I would run up to the net and take her shot and volley it back or drop shot.  This worked perfectly.  She went crazy and could barely hit anything by the second set.  I beat her, made Wightman Cup Team, and was ranked# 3 that year in my first year of the 18’s.”

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“Bill taught me to believe in myself and to be strong.  The first national events I played I cried all the way on the plane; I cried when I saw the draw; and I cried when I warmed up in my match.  I was very weak.  Bill refused to accept that and he knew that I had a game that could win.  He changed me completely and taught me to fight and never give up.  It has helped me achieve all my life.  I was always smaller than my national peers, but Bill convinced me I could beat them by being smarter and never making mistakes.”

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“I traveled many times to tournaments with just Bill, but sometimes when my parents would come, I roomed with my Mom and he roomed with my Dad.  That completely freaked him out because my Dad is even weirder than Bill.  He would lay out all of his dob kit in the bathroom on different wash clothes taking up the entire space, brushed his teeth for over 30 minutes, and always wore very loud colored pajamas (I don’t think Bill even owned any pajamas).  Bill said he never slept on those nights - or slept ‘with one eye open’ - because he was afraid my Dad was going to kill him.
My best friendships and most memorable experiences were because of Bill, his coaching, and the academy he created.  It just makes sense to pass this opportunity on to other deserving young players and keep our legacy alive.
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"I love Bill Rompf and consider him the most important person ever in my life; equal to my parents.  He taught me to be a winner and to never give up.  Knowing that he was watching me play allowed me to beat some of the best girls in the nation.  I knew that he believed in me and that fire he created made me win.  He instilled in us discipline, character, and determination and taught us we could always find a way to win.  It was inspirational and it is all from him.  It shaped my life and determined my career choices.  My most favorite memories and so many of my best friends are from OKC tennis days.  Now we have a chance to help other kids.  It makes me feel so good.”
"Bill, I just want to express to you how much positive impact you have had on my life. You continue to be there for me as a coach, mentor, and friend. The experiences and opportunities you created for all of us in the academy have led to not only on court achievements, but also off court successes and lifelong friendships. You helped us all recognize the champions within ourselves and build the mental fortitude to embrace challenges. We, the students of Bill Rompf junior tennis academy, are all greater servers in life and fortunate enough to be a part of your legacy."

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“Seeing these responses are so impressive, the talent that was grown through your program is incredible. It’s amazing the people that I meet and can connect with because of tennis and I am grateful for that experience.  Good luck with your foundation!”


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“Bill and I first met through junior committee work for the USTA and then at boy’s 12 national events in which my son, Jeff, competed in the 70’s.  I visited his program in OKC several times, rode 4 wheelers on his trails, worked with his students and parents, and we became good friends. When he left Oklahoma in the late 80’s, we began my Mental Toughness Training program for IMG together at the NBTA.
He was and always will be a visionary in junior tennis. His ability to bring out the best in young players is truly masterful. He has worked tirelessly at both the sectional and national levels to improve junior coaching, efficiency, and teaching competency greatly benefitting junior tennis and junior tennis players.
But, Bill’s science skills take a back seat to his teaching and business acumen.  In the 90’s, he and I were appointed to the USTA Sport Science Committee. I remember that after a discussion on rotator cuff injuries by committee members, Bill said he had never heard of the Rotator Cup tournament and asked where and when it was played.  Of course, the room erupted into continuous laughter for 5 minutes. I whispered to Bill to leave the technical questions to the science folks!  I never saw him raise his hand again!”
"Bill, I just saw your release in awarding the foundation's first scholarship in ecember in Oklahoma.  Fabulous!  What a great way to give back to the game we love so much.  You are a hero to so many throughout your life and now will be for generations of players far into the future. You have a big heart. Happy New Year!"



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“At OCTC, I took my first lesson from Bill when I was 3 years old. He used to tell me to ‘concentrate’, but I had no idea what that meant. He would have me hit balls into that brown plastic trash can. He said I could rally with him from the baseline at 4 years old, so we must have been doing something right.
At Summerfield, who could forget running the hill? Playing Donkey Kong and Frogger while waiting to take your 3rd lesson of the day or play another challenge match? Lance Snyder's mom use to put all of our daily tickets on the bubble front desk counter and we used to compare them to see who would have the highest daily bill (sorry mom and dad).  Another lesson learned from Bill.
Bill and I always had a love/hate (mostly love!) relationshipthat has lasted my whole life.  However, there is one encounter that stands out.  We got into a huge fight right before The Nationals one year.  I said something I shouldn’t have and he was very upset with me and he threatened not to go unless I apologized and wrote him a letter.  We were both so hard-headed and I wouldn't apologize and probably said even more to anger him, but I finally wrote a letter (my dad probably forced me). It worked out because he did go, and I won the Boy’s 12 Nationals in San Diego. Bill saved that letter all these years and gave it to me recently when he visited in 2019.  It sure brought back some incredible memories - like they were yesterday. My wife and I have several favorite charities, but Bill’s foundation is by far the one closet to my heart and most meaningful to me.
So, although tennis is not a part of my day-to-day life now, it certainly was a huge part of my life for many years, and a huge part of who I am today. For anyone that didn't go through what we all went through, they won't ever understand. I learned early on there is no point in trying to explain or describe the life of junior tennis or a tennis family to someone who didn't go through it.  But for all of us and the families who did it, I think we all have a common bond and huge amount of respect for each other. An unspoken respect. We all know what everyone went through. And much of it was taken for granted at the time, but later in life, I can appreciate it all more.
I have the utmost respect for Bill and my coaches and for all the players who practiced for hours and hours every day and sacrificed and missed many more fun events in their lives.  Bill helped push us to find our best.  And, much thanks also goes to our parents: filling up water jugs and finding practice courts before sunrise, staying in “Bill” shady motels, driving across country from tournament to tournament, giving up everything socially for themselves, taking time away from their businesses and the rest of the family...and the financial commitment which is really just unfathomable.   I don't know if any of us actually set out to choose the lifestyle, but it is the life we lived.  And I wouldn't change it for the world.”

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“I worked for Lehman Bros when they went down in 2008.  I lost almost everything.  Bill was one of the first people to call me that morning.  He was crying and I was crying and he told me that I would turn it around – just like my semi’s and final’s matches in San Diego at Boy’s 12 Nationals.  He said that what I learned on the court would make me strong against any set back and allow me to re-cover and re-build.  He was so right.  I’ll never forget what he taught me through tennis and it has aided me and guided me my whole life.  I owe so much to Bill Rompf.  I now I owe it to giving back by way of his scholarship.  What a great opportunity for me and those kids I can help.”

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“Great lessons were learned through tennis that have helped me throughout life.  I have learned to handle adversity, deal with losses and handle success. They were great times. and made great friendships lasting to this day.  It really was part of my development as a human being.  Bill certainly changed a lot of lives for the better.  I’m definitely in on giving back.”


“Tennis at both the junior and collegiate level has provided me an amazing network across the country. Lots of great friends and shared experiences. Certainly, I learned a lot more on the tennis court than I ever learned in a classroom.  It made a huge difference both personally and professionally. More than anything, I made a lot of friends that continue to be some of my closest friends today.  Bill - your style wouldn't even qualify as ‘unconventional’ today – it was way beyond that - but on balance, you helped shaped an experience that for so many of us was incredibly positive affecting our whole lives.  I am proud to be a part of what his foundation is doing.”


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“I was an assistant pro and teaching with Bill at the OCTC in the summer. Bill was running the juniors around the courts in preparation for sectionals and it is about 100 degrees outside. I say, ‘Bill shouldn't we stop running the kids.  It's really hot’. Bill looks at me with a wink in his eye and says, ‘Canon, I'm insured. Do you think you’re a lawyer or something?’ Thinking back, I guess maybe that’s one of the reasons I did become a lawyer.
Bill always had a special ability to teach tennis. He could improve a player with the smallest technical or psychological tweak. It was great fun teaching with Bill and meeting and developing life-long friendships with the juniors.  Those friendships through tennis are probably my most important and are truly irreplaceable. I have developed discipline and focus by playing competitive tennis, which has helped me in life.  I appreciate fairness, honesty and integrity in competition, business and relationships. The friendships, the funny stories, the happiness, the competitiveness, and the love of the game are part of me always.”



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“Anyhow, I decided I wanted to be good at this game so my Mom signs me up for Summerfield with Bill. I remember walking to the outdoor courts where a clinic was going on and thinking there were about ten thousand courts back there with hundreds of kids. It seemed so massive to my young eyes. It had to be among the first four sentences my ears heard that I remember to this day. There was Rompf on Court #1, looking down a couple of courts. He gets irate and shouts ‘Hey, Devening, nice forehand’. Devening turns around and says, ‘Hey Bill, nice body.’ This is followed by a couple more hours of the same and a few high velocity pegging efforts. It was ‘crazy town.’ I was looking around thinking ‘What is this place? Who are these people?’ Such a wild introduction to play and group of people I grew to love.
There is no favorite story because they are all amazing, but I'll share a few. The one I tell everyone was when I was 11 years old, Bill signed me up for one of those Friday night challenge matches against Kate Dunleavy. You remember these; they determined your place on the ladder prominently displayed outside the entrance to the bubble.
Anyway, Kate beat me fair and square. So, I came walking into clinic on Monday and Bill looks at me and says, ‘Hey Brandon, did you have a challenge match on Friday.’ Of course, he knows I lost, and I know he knows I lost, because he had already moved me down and to the left on the ladder, one spot behind Kate. I say ‘Yeah,’. And then it goes like this: Bill: ‘Well how did you do?’  Me: ‘I lost.’  Bill: ‘To who?’ Me: ‘Kate, you know this, you arranged the match.’  Bill: ‘Well then, come here I want to talk to you.’ So, I hesitantly walk over to Bill. Bill says: ‘Brandon, this is really important. I need you to repeat after me.’ Me: ‘Okay.’  Bill: ‘I.’ Me: ‘I,’ Bill: ‘lost.’ Me: ‘lost.’ Bill: ‘to.’ Me: ‘to.’ Bill: ‘Kate, a girl half my size.’ Me: ‘Kate, a girl half my size.’ Times were different then, but his crazy style allowed him to always find a way to motivate each of us and make us better.  Bottom line is he really cared about us and finding out how we could reach or best.”

“I remember Bill's need to eat either Jack in the Box or Steak and Shake at all times on the road.  And, I remember him driving so fast to tournaments in that creepy green van he owned.  So, one time I’m in the car with Bill going to a tournament and a bird hits his rearview mirror and it literally bent in half in a very unnatural shape around the metal frame. Bill didn't even stop. That bird stayed there attached to his van for like 150 miles and throughout the entire week. I could go on for days.
Tennis was the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me tougher, more competitive, more resilient. All of these things have helped me throughout life. I also made lifelong friends.  Krunch is Godfather to my kids.  Mitty played with me at Harvard.
Tennis was so fundamental to who I have become - for better or worse. So, I would say almost every opportunity in some way I can trace back to the sport and to Bill. From school to work to home – my experiences on the court drive my engagement with almost everything I touch. I learned how to believe in myself, how to hustle for every ball, play the next point and not be fixated on the last point, to grind and most importantly to never quit.  I learned what was required to be great at something. It takes dedication, hard work, resilience, mental toughness, competitive spirit, teamwork and desire. Bill’s academy was such a unique laboratory for us all. I want to see that continue always.”


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My first time to the Sectionals in Kansas City, Bill called me at 5am and said to be in the lobby in 15 minutes.  I responded, ‘but I don't play until 10:00.”’ And Bill answered, ‘Winners get up and practice with the team.  I don’t care if you don’t play until tomorrow. Get to the lobby now.’ And the phone went silent.
I would not be where I am today without the competitive tennis pathway.   Bill and tennis infected everything in my life creating lifelong memories and friendships. My daughter played national junior tennis.  It’s a tough road.  I gained a lot of respect for what we all went through and how Bill made it work.
I also will never forget the the small nuances Lee taught us, especially mentally from the warm-up all the way through the match. Tremendous.”


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“I cannot forget the numerous Missouri Valley sectional trips traveling in conversion vans, which seemed like all-day trips. Waking up at 6:30 AM to warm up before the 8:00 matches, even though I’m not playing until noon. Bill arguing seeding with Doug Smith, Mervyn Webster, etc. The battles with players from competing coaches. Everyone outside of Rompf/Summerfield feared us because we always won and supported one another.  It was an incredible adventure and I’m proud and happy to take the reins of Bill’s foundation and keep this very important ball rolling.
Summerfield is now an indoor soccer facility where my daughter played. Being back there is crazy and yet sad at the same time. I walk over where the bubble used to be and remember the suffocating heat during the summer, running hills, countless clinics and lessons inside the bubble . And then there was the pre-National Clay Courts practicing at Bill's clay court after which he would put us to work on his house and yard while he was partying at his pool.
I spent some time and lived with Bill and Mary when they worked in Kansas City With Gold’s Gym.  Some very interesting and unforgettable times to be sure.  We spent a lot of talking and re-living the Rompf/Summerfield days, Bill obsessing about the financial markets and numerous dinners and parties with them.  And then Bill arguing with his downstairs owner constantly about us playing the Grateful Dead and Stones too loudly.  I even helped out on the weekends with Bill and Mary's junior program. Lots more memories.  And I hope so many more to come.”


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“I still have my Rompf end-of-summer banquet award trophies! They are for Determination, Persistence, Dedication, and one more that I forget what it was. Junior tennis allowed me to play four years at Kansas and it was a great time for me.
Tennis taught me great fortitude and to handle stress with ease. I also learned tremendous discipline and a strong will to succeed.  If you want to be great you must put in the effort and always be determined to succeed. You must always overcome obstacles that you encounter, because others will not.
Bill had me be a chaperone for the younger kids, but charged me a chaperone fee. 😂


“Summer Grind at Summerfield, the Hill, and the Bubble, Traveling to Missouri Valley Tournaments.  Bill always loved to give crap to anybody who thought they were to cool.  He treated us all equally and was so tough.  Also, I remember Lee Wright used to always lob balls onto other courts to disrupt people taking lessons. LOL
The summer months were the best and most difficult times of my growing up; but, the amount of hard work we put in definitely shaped me to be the person I have become. I learned internal drive and the will to thrive in a tough environment.  I still always talk about running the Hill though! Hahahaha!!
I always refer to my times training during the summers while my other friends were going to the pool or playing with friends etc.  It was ‘The Grind’,  as I refer to it,  which really taught me self-discipline and that the hardest things in life can be accomplished if you give it everything you have.  Tennis was my life every summer growing up in Oklahoma and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I miss so many of you and hope in some way we can all reconnect.  Bill:  make sure you have another reunion!!! Thank you so much to all the coaches for the continuous pressing to be our best. You really helped shape my life and I always think back to our times together at Summerfield and ERC.”


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“I stayed at Bill’s house many times as I was a long way from Enid.  That in itself is the strangest of experiences.  Then traveling to tournaments around the US, eating Cheetos and drinking lots of ‘Gatorade’ after a long day on the court, getting up before sunrise, working in his yard, riding the four wheelers, making trails, swimming.  It was so fun and taught me so much. The lifetime friendships I have made through tennis and the countless stories are unforgettable.
Through tennis I have learned grit, determination, focus, discipline, respect, love and humility. All of these traits have made me the person I am today. It is the single greatest teacher I have ever had. Without tennis, I am not sure I would've developed the life skills necessary to be successful in other aspects of my life. I wouldn't trade my experience in tennis for anything.
My experience with Bill and my coaches at Rompf/Summerfield Tennis Academy aligned with me perfectly. It was a place you went to be the best. It was a place that taught you how to be tough and to compete. It was a place where kids had an ego and wanted to beat the hell out of you, but at the same time, that was good and taught me a lot.  It was a very motivating, positive experience for me.  I want to definitely pay that back!  That’s only fair for each of us to do.”


“I remember the road trip to the Mo Valley tourney with Lance Snyder and Bryan Geiger for 12 and under.  I learned some things that I can't put in print here.
I loved it when Bill would kick someone out of practice for missing an easy shot or talking in line, or not trying or being disruptive. Such drama. It was part of the training.
Tennis taught me to be competitive and eventually taught me sportsmanship. Pushing yourself (or being pushed by Bill and his coaches) to be the best you can be at something is a great lesson and a healthy lifestyle. Also, I'm sure it kept me out of trouble by keeping busy and doing something productive.  It forced me to talk to people I wouldn't normally talk to, by having to schedule challenge matches, getting rides with people, etc.  Also, being around people that were better tennis players than me pushed me to try to be better.  It was an important life experience for me I will always cherish.”


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“Too many stories to go into here... good times… many life lessons learned... mainly from the great group of coaches... Billy Canon , Mike Pennell, Mike Fernandez,  Fort Battad, Lee and, of course, Bill... those guys were instrumental in me becoming the man and athlete I morphed into.  And, as of this writing and for about the last 10 years I do believe I am the most dominant 55 year old tennis player in OKC, especially on clay... David Box is damn good!!!
Also,,there should be at more pics of me on this /// come on Bill, you know...” YES DAVID, I KNOW.


“Tennis definitely taught me a competitive spirit and work ethic. I look back on the amount of time spent training and traveling, and it still amazes me.  I still hate to lose more than I like to win.”



“The fun and friendships that continue to this day are all part of our junior tennis experience.  I saw Bill last year when he came to watch a USTA National senior event I was playing.  He coached me through a win and stayed on me and kept me going.  I won the match.  The guy was top 5 in the US.  Bill still knows his stuff.  I am glad to be a part of his foundation and pass it back.”



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“I remember vividly helping Bill do yard work at his new home in Edmond and then borrowing a pair of Bill's jeans to head to movie to see Aliens and listening to Bill's comments (not for young ears) during the entire movie.  Tennis allowed me to meet great people that have remained important to me in life.  It helped me to develop patience and calmness in stressful circumstances.  Through competition, you learn ultimately what is most important.  Tennis to this day is an important part of my life and my experiences in it and my relationships will always be a memorable part of me.  Count me in on this new foundation!”


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“Bill would always give us all a hard time. His private lessons were the most grueling, especially during the summer in the bubble. I loved taking from all the other coaches too (Lee, Wayne, Rod, Fort, and all), because they could always make me laugh even when I wasn't in the best mood, which I'm sure was A LOT!  The times I spent in OKC/Edmond were some of the best times of my life.  Competitive tennis allowed me to go to college on a scholarship. It has helped me build a successful sports photography business.  It helped me learn so much...patience, hard work, commitment, and perseverance.
No matter how much you enjoy doing something, you still need someone on your side to encourage and push you when it gets hard. Bill did that. I am learning this with my own kids now. I think this is something that we all had at Bill's.
Thanks to Bill and all the coaches for putting up with me! And, for pushing me when I needed it and telling me ‘Rieger, go run the hill’ when I needed an attitude check! It was a hard time, but it was a great time!  Hope I can help other kids too!”




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“I loved working with Bill and all the OKC kids and traveling to tournaments to coach them.  We dominated the MVTA and I was so proud to be a part of that team.  Tennis allowed me to get a full scholarship to university and get a degree and a job.  It made me a fuller person and helped me understand a lot of other people.  I will always remember fondly my OKC days and working at OCTC and Rompf/Summerfield.  A huge smile and many good memories to you, Bill, and all the kids and all the memories.”



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“When Bill yelled at me and I went home and told my dad. My dad called him and yelled back. The next day Bill told me to never tell my dad that he yelled at me ever again. It took me many years to know that Bill yelling at us meant he cared.  When he didn’t yell at you, that was when to get upset with him and worry.  That was when to call your Dad.
I was Bill’s first MVTA junior champion in Oklahoma City in boy’s 12’s.  Bill was a great and profound teacher who was an expert at finding the right buttons to push in terms of motivation for each of his individual students.  I’m still teaching and tennis has truly been my whole life.”



“Loved it so much! It taught such a good work ethic, time management skills and so much more. I have great memories.  It was a family experience for my sister and I and we loved every minute of it.”




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“I have met wonderful lifelong friends through tennis.  And had many great experiences and memories with Bill both on and off court during my whole life.  Today, Bill is one of my best friends and important mentors.  Bill you are the best and have been the most caring and encouraging person to me over the years.  I am proud to be helping you with making this happen for other kids.”



"I remember vividly Bill and my parents arranging for Rob Autry, one of his teaching pros, to take me to the 14 Nationals. We were suppose to go to Shreveport through Texas and stay overnight in Dallas.   Somehow Rob and I ended up in Little Rock and I missed the tournament check-in.  Bill went crazy!
Then there were the rides home from Bill in his old beat-up green Chevy Blazer where he's singing 'Who's the weirdest kid in town?  Mitty is..Mitty is' with a mouth full of Cheetos and you can imagine what else.
My last 40 years?  Well that involves daily therapy session trying to recover from Bill and losing to my brother in college play..." 



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“I was one of Bill’s students who commuted to OKC to improve my game.  It was over an hour from Ardmore, but it was worth every minute.  My first summer, Bill gave me the Most Improved Award at his awards banquet when I was 15.  Thanks, Bill!  That gave me a lot of confidence that had lasted my whole life.


Tennis has given me opportunities to live in different places, to travel, and to meet new friends.  We all can say that we had our best times playing and traveling and practicing together. Many of us still keep in touch and are life long friends and those friendships are invaluable.


Bill’s drills and his ethic of making us work at every drill and private lesson, along with laughing as we were running laps, created an atmosphere of teamwork and success. We were all in it together, and we worked hard together. 

I remember one day, we were on the court about to start our drills; the baseline drill where two at a time work into the net together.  The weather was getting dark and a few sprinkles were starting. It thundered. Bill was not happy as we had sectionals that week.  All of a sudden, he raised his arms up and yelled ‘STOP!’ It stopped! No rain and no thunder. We laughed so hard because Bill thought he was God.


Another crazy memory is when Bill drove us to Omaha for the Missouri Valley tournament in his 2002 BMW Tii.  It was me and Sweeney and Mary.  He made us ride the entire way – eight hours – with the windows down in 90 degree summer heat, our hair blowing in our faces!  We were afraid to say anything.  When we got there he said he did it to acclimate us to the Nebraska heat.  We all did well!  It worked.


Tennis helps you emotionally and physically to stay fit.  Bill pushed us to be not only better players, but also better people.  I owe so much to those days on the court in OKC.  The confidence and teamwork we built were real and it all happened at a small club in OKC with the best junior players in Oklahoma and the Missouri Valley.   

Tennis is something that I wanted to pass onto my children who both played at the national level.  And, I still play and have been ranked as high as number one nationally in senior events.  Thank you Bill for your dedication in making us the players – and people – we are today.”




img002 copy 2.jpg
“I remember watching the ‘big kids’ run the hill and thinking, ‘I can't wait till I get to do that.’ Then, I got to do that and realized how wrong I'd been.
Bill and the coaches and the relationships were the most special aspect of it, I'd say. Some of my best friends to this day are kids with whom I played tennis. But, I also love what tennis taught me as a young kid: mental toughness, fairness and honesty, hard work. I tell my kids all the time how I used to spend HOURS hitting a tennis ball up against the garage at our house... that work ethic has served me well in life.”



gk flemming.jpeg
"I was so fortunate for all the great coaches and lessons learned through junior tennis at that unique moment in time. Thanks, Bill, for creating the whole experience for us.  It was very powerful and lifelong."



img664 copy 2.jpeg
"I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have begun my tennis career with Bill and the other coaches, but I am still so grateful to have been put in that place at Summerfield and ERC.  If I had been anywhere else, I am certain my life story would have turned out differently, and NOT for the better.  I learned very early on that there is only one path - to be the best I could be at whatever it is I was doing. Tennis shaped my future in the most positive way. I still feel so blessed to have had them as friends, mentors and role models.
I know I am not the only one and without having been exposed to many other champions in this group that also learned from Bill, no chance would I have experienced such successes. Success breeds success and I'm so thankful my parents found Bill's camp!”


img011 copy 3.jpg
"I met so many great people. Still talk to a few. Had so many good memories.  Thanks to Bill and tennis.”



img680 copy 3.jpg
“Tennis absolutely taught me how to ‘compete’ in the business world.  It is a fantastic lifetime sport and has brought me a tremendous number of business opportunities.”
“Rompf/Summerfield was clearly the top program in Oklahoma and the MVTA!”



“I was one of Bill’s first students back at OCTC.  I remember riding in Bill's BMW to a tournament in Missouri. We were going about 100 mph and listening to The Rolling Stones. We got pulled over.  Bill and the officer spoke for a minute and then Bill paid him some money and we were on our way.
I met many great people and got to travel. It paid for my college education. I have lifelong friendships with a few people I played with in junior tennis. It taught me that hard work pays off.
I didn't always want to be there or practice hard, but Bill always pushed us and helped us succeed.  We did have fun too.”




joey braver and david mantor.jpeg
“Irrespective of forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys, Bill gave me a backbone and the will to believe in myself. To this day, that is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  And part of that backbone was knowing the value of winning vs losing.   I appreciate fairness, honesty and integrity in competition, business and relationships. Tennis has provided me the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships.
Parents would drop their kids off with Bill and say, ‘make my kid a champion’. That was not possible for everyone, but it was far greater than that.  Looking back, and reading many of the bios of others, it was not about gold balls or titles.  It was obvious about the inner strength Bill Rompf and tennis gave us all. We are all thankful for that.  And it is our duty to pass it back whenever and however we can.”


JOE BRAVER        

img007 copy 3.jpg
“I am better off because of the bonds that I have made with folks in the game of tennis.  I am a hard and dedicated worker and family man because of tennis.  Bill came with me to Cabo a couple of years ago.  Let’s just say that ‘what goes on in Cabo stays in Cabo.’  Tennis and Bill will always mean a great deal to me and I’m happy to help in his new venture.”




thumbnail-2 2.jpeg
thumbnail-1 2.jpeg
thumbnail 2.jpeg
“Tennis absolutely taught me how to ‘compete’ in the business world.  It is a fantastic lifetime sport and has brought me a tremendous number of business opportunities.”
“Rompf/Summerfield was clearly the top program in Oklahoma and the MVTA!”




“Summerfield and my coaches taught me so many life lessons and I try to play it forward.  I am a better person from all these lessons and the awesome people that I met along the way.  Fun and hard work.  We worked hard as a group and we had a lot of fun along the way. I am so grateful.  Thank you for the memories.”




kavita varma.jpeg
get-attachment-15 2 copy 2.jpg
“Tennis was our escape from Chickasha and we loved all our time in OKC and all the tourneys with our tennis crew!  Vivek and I went to our first private lesson together and Bill said, ‘Wait, now what are your names’’  We said, ‘Vivek and Kavita.’ And Bill said, ‘Nope, from now on, you are just V and K" (FYI....that has stuck our entire lives!! It Just gave me grit and stamina.
Some of my best memories. Really. We had strict parents and lived in a tiny OK town. Tennis expanded our lives and literally changed the direction we would have. Without the Rompf Academy, there's no way my brother and I would have gone to the colleges we went to and had the careers/lives we have had.
Thank you, Bill, Lee and the entire team. Much gratitude! Xo”



img388 copy.jpg
OKCJRPICS_11475 copy 2.jpg
“I played Rusty Keeley, a student of one of Bill’s fellow coaches in the MVTA, at an event in St. Louis in the 14s. I was down 6-0, 5-0, 40-0, when I saw Bill approached the fence.  He was so mad and gave me a hard look that would have frightened anyone.  I knew I'd better try harder in front of him or I was in big trouble. I came back and won the match. Then I won the tournament.  I’ll never forget that.
Bill introduced me to “Sympathy for the Devil”. He would tell me to ‘crank it up’ before every match to get psyched up. I did that before every big match and before every football game I ever played.

Bill had that unique quality only a few coaches have. On his court everyone tried harder. We all sought his approval and his disapproval hurt. He expected me to win. This created pressure, but it also created belief. Looking back on it, Bill was right -- my expectations were too low for my tennis. And I should have worked harder.

Just being a part of the group at O.C.T.C. was a very special feeling. The best memories were of Mary and Brian’s epic challenge matches at OCTC. Bill was always telling me that I could beat anyone I played. My goal at 12 was to make top 20 in the nation (I don't know where I got top 20 in my head). Bill looked at me like I was crazy and said ‘that's it?! Why not number 1?’ That’s the way he thought and he was right -- I should have reached for more in my junior tennis. I remember Bill always on court # 1 at OCTC for hours on end, every day. And then after all of those hours on his feet he would go home and play with his two boys and work on his house and water his grass! Did you ever get tired?”



img010 copy 2.jpg
"Tennis taught us all the value of hard work. The harder you work the more you increase your chances of success -- just like life. It's such a unique sport. You learn about yourself because it tests you in so many ways. The greatest thing about tennis is what it's giving me now.
Tennis and Bill taught me that if I wanted to excel at something, I had to work at it. In fact, I would have to say that when I think of Bill now the words "work hard" literally and immediately come to mind. As a junior tennis player, I sometimes worked hard, but often times did not – igniting Bill’s wrath. I have great memories from those days and I also have painful memories. But the lesson was learned. I knew success came from hard work. I’m definitely in on helping give back to other deserving junior players.”



“There are so many memories...but one in particular was Bill's end of season banquet.  It was a very special event for all of us in the program.  When I first started playing at 11 years old, I was regularly beaten 6-0, 6-0, but never gave up. At the banquet, I received the ‘Perseverance’ award. It motivated me to keep trying, and eventually winning - and I have never forgotten it.  Bill had a way of motivating us all no matter what level we reached.
Some of the best times were at the OKC Tennis Club.  These are great memories and developed so many great friends. People ask me all the time where I learned to play, and when I tell them Bill Rompf, everyone remembers him!”




lee wr.jpeg
lee wright.jpg
lee wright.jpeg
“Bill and I played tennis together and against one another since we were eight years old back in Iowa.  We are lifelong friends.  I started working for Bill when he started a summer camp for juniors in Des Moines during our college days.  Then we traveled together to South America playing and teaching the game.  Bill wanted me to come back and work for him at Summerfield and helping to develop all of those great junior players was an unforgettable experience and some of my most memorable days.  We really made an impact on the junior game in Oklahoma and the MVTA and nationally.  I have stayed in tennis all my life and am still teaching in Houston (many years with Meredith Geiger).  I’m the last person to ask about the value of tennis in one’s life.  It is everything!  It has been my whole life!  I am so lucky to have had parents that introduced me to the game and encouraged me to play.  I want to help make sure all kids get that same shake.  I love Bill Rompf.  He is one of my best friends in this life.”




img357 copy 3.jpeg
“The work ethic of setting goals, working hard and enjoying people with the same mindset.  I was one of Bill’s first female pros and I will never forget the hard work and how we changed so many lives through building champion tennis players.”



“I visited Bill when he was running the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, met Nick, and watched then 14 year old Anna Kournakova play a match (which was very cool in retrospect). Bill always carried himself with great confidence and he was definitely entertaining in this highend element. I've heard all kinds of good Bill stories over the years and I believe them all to be true.
Many thanks to Bill for bringing us all together as juniors in his tennis academy program. And kudos to him also for bringing us all together 40 years later.”



Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 12.40.50 PM.png
"One of my first wives (number?) was from Iowa and I met Bill there over 65 years ago, hitting with he and his brother at the local courts near their family home. During the succeeding decades, our paths crossed frequently at national junior events; USTA meetings; the US Open; when he was building up his academy; when he and his students visited my Academy, and then, when he became my Ex. Director at the NBTA in the 90's.  Bill helped build our business during a time when the Academy was developing my first world number one players. It was an amazing time.  During this period, he helped write my tennis articles and books, was instrumental in our worldwide marketing and branding efforts, and, the development of System 5, which we partnered with the USPTA as their exclusive teaching system.  And, he was critical in helping to nominate and support my efforts to be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
He has been a loyal life long friend.  I applaud and join his efforts at this time in his life to "pay it back" through his foundation in helping kids learn to play and reach their tennis dreams in Oklahoma City. "





Considered the Greatest Tennis Coach in the History of the Game

img388 copy.jpg
“Bill showed me the importance of Hard Work and Discipline.  Great experience with many memories.  Thanks to all my tennis friends and coaches!”



“Never give up.  Thanks for the love and memories.”



Tennis Reunion 10 copy 2.tif
“During one of my first private lessons with Bill, he gave me an ultimatum. I was happily hitting hard forehands off both sides and switching hands between shots.  This was before Monica Seles perfected it.  After a while, he got frustrated and yelled at me to 'pick a side!' Although I'm left-handed, I ended up playing righty that day (and now).  At least I developed a strong backhand.
I'm incredibly grateful for the coaches we were lucky enough to be around during the OCTC/Summerfield years. I learned so much about the importance of preparation, perseverance, and character from them.  The constant competition tested your resolve and developed your ability to win.  Many thanks to everyone.”



img685 copy.jpg
get-attachment-17 2.jpg
“Tennis at Summerfield gave me lifelong friends and great memories. Taught me about hard work and dedication, psychological advantage and mental toughness.
The friendships and fun memories are the best. But I also loved being part of a big group of kids so that tennis, which is normally more solitary, became a group/team activity in some ways, so it provided that bonding and special comradery that is normally only experienced in team sports. I learned hard work and how to be tough under challenging circumstances.  Bill wrote me the best college recommendation by far.  My Dad was so proud.”



img357 copy 3.jpeg
“Tennis at Summerfield was a special time for me in the 80's, especially the summers.  Enjoyed clinics in the Bubble and even running the Hill too!  Lots of fun and lots of good competition.  Thank you, Bill for putting together such a great program with amazing coaches and families.  Let’s make it work for other kids too!”




img034 copy 3.jpg
Image-1 copy 2.jpg
“There was a massive snowstorm that shut down Edmond and Bill and his pros picked up members (the fun ones anyway) on his four wheelers to play tennis as all the roads were shut down. Those that made it to the club made memories that day. Sure, Bill was a pain in the ass sometimes, but man did he instill work ethic in all of us!
Bill and my junior tennis days provides my foundation of friends (new and old), my competitive spirit, my love for the game, opportunities to travel around the world.
He gave us all a high level of confidence, competitiveness, patience, tenacity, and compassion.  There is a profound ROI on the blood, sweat, and tears we shed that I may not have appreciated at the time but now do.
Bill has been like family to me and I will always appreciate his mentorship, support and now almost 45-year friendship.  I was a student in Bill’s junior academy in the early 80’s and then one of his teaching pros through college during the balance of that decade.  The lasting impressions those experiences have had on me have profoundly impacted my adult life and I have seen first hand how junior tennis can be the foundation that leads to a successful future.
I have turned to Bill often throughout the years, but especially of late, as I am close to launching my own tennis venture (Swing Racquet + Paddle), which will be the largest multi-racquet sport facility in the world.  Bill’s council on our project will be felt for many generations of young tennis players to come and I am so proud to have him involved. I will always credit Bill and tennis for teaching me that hard work pays off and no dream is too small!
With that being said, when he initiated and organized the Francis Baxter statue project and dedication I watched him begin to “give back” to the sport he so loves.  Then, when Bill asked me to participate and support his dream/vision of creating a non-profit in his name to help OKC kids, I was proudly the first to donate to this worthy cause.  With Bill’s vision, passion, and rich experience in junior tennis, I know the Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation will help make dreams come true for so many deserving young players in Oklahoma and beyond. I am proud to support his continued work in helping kids with the opportunity to reach their best.  And I am very proud to have Bill as my lifelong friend!”



“My best friends in life were my tennis buddies.  I appreciated having a program which was organized and helped me with motivation, discipline, fundamentals and the opportunity to improve. I was one of the early players even before OCTC.  I think we started at the Bubble near Baptist Hospital.  What a fantastic job he did with juniors!”



shea 2.jpeg
img991 copy 2.jpg
shea heather.jpg
“Ummmm... Bill had no filter. And he was very tough on us, but I think we all knew he really cared and wanted us to be the toughest and best we could be.
I think back often at everything tennis and those years taught me. It has helped me push through when life has sucked and gets difficult. I would not trade those years and all the hard work we did, day in and out because it shaped my work ethic, learning how to deal with people and life challenges in general. I have had much success and also experienced the lows of low. But today I know it was due to Bill and all the coaches and my friends along the way that built the fight in me to never give up! (Even though I hated Bill in short moments.  We all did!. lol)
Like I stated before, I have always had the ‘Never quit’ attitude even at times when I wanted to. I gained skills for life and learning how to navigate in this not so great at times world.
Lots of friends, travel, blood sweat and tears and most of all fond memories.”



img367 copy 2.jpeg
“My best friends in life were my tennis buddies.  I appreciated having a program which was organized and helped me with motivation, discipline, fundamentals and the opportunity to improve. I was one of the early players even before OCTC.  I think we started at the Bubble near Baptist Hospital.  What a fantastic job he did with juniors!”



img010 copy 2.jpg
“Bill was an amazing Coach!!  He taught me how to work hard and achieve my goals. Gave me the competitive mentality and to always be accountable to myself.
I will always have a gift to play tennis. When I pick up a racquet it’s like I never put it down. Tennis is also a sport you can do as long as body allows. I enjoyed clinics in the Bubble and even running the Hill too!
Great memories. Thanks Coach Bill Rompf!!”



get-attachment-11 2.jpg
“These are cherished memories. Where most of my friends had their camp buddies over the summer, I had my tennis friends and rivalries. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.
It definitely gave me the desire and willingness to compete. It also gave me lifelong friends that I still have today.”




“These were great, great years! Thank you, Bill!  Learning that hard work can pay off over time; lots of hard work and fun!  Happy to help with your new project!”



steve stokdyk.jpg
steve stok.jpg
“Summers in OKC were some of the best times of my life.  I was from Wichita and I stayed many times at Bill’s house.  I appreciated Bill's combination of brutal honesty and support.  Great memories from that time - it was really special.
I learned to work hard and deal with setbacks. I met lots of great people and learned how to achieve success. Bill was a powerful force in the lives of many kids, not just me. I am glad to help keep his legacy going on to the next generation.
In today’s world I just wish every kid would play a sport and have the opportunities that I had.  It’s important that we make sure that happens now. All the best to everyone.”



img759 copy 2.jpg
“It's our job to do the best with what we have and try to pass it onto others.”



get-attachment-17 2.jpg
“There are SO MANY amazing memories!! All the travel as a team. The closeness of everyone. Being a part of something great with the best players in the country.
Bill would yell at us and provoke us to be better (doesn't sound funny, but it was, and when it was at other people, and looking back, it makes me laugh so hard). When Bill said, "Don't come off that court until your opponent is bleeding, vomiting and crying for their mom!  Famous words that worked!
The friendships I created are still lasting today and are the best memories of my childhood.  I miss it a lot and think about it often.  Bill made us tough, which defiantly helped me in life.  Now I want to do just that for other kids!”
So much I gained from my junior tennis experience. Rompf/Summerfield were the best years and all of my childhood. I treasure those memories. And treasure the friendships I still have today. I also know that we’re are all connected and would be there for anyone if they needed something today.
Bill created something special that can never be duplicated. I am so blessed to have been a part of it.”



img914 copy.jpg
img641 copy.jpeg
“Loved Bill!  Remember us all getting yelled at a lot!
Great memories with this group. These tennis memories are for a lifetime.
I love, love, love my tennis days.
Determination and being disciplined has stuck with me and these qualities definitely were refined by playing tennis.  It made me who I am.”


Tennis Reunion 10 copy.tif
“The best is not printable: the “hill” run monologues, where we parodied Bill’s fantastically brutal, perverse and motivational tirades.  For a kid from Chickasha, it was the excellence and mental acuity required by Bill on a day-to-day basis that made for success.
“Dear Bill—-what an influence and impact you have had! You were at times misunderstood and at times polarizing to our opponents, but when we were on your team you made us feel both valued and yet inadequate. This dichotomy created a unique culture of improvement. That imprinting endures in so many of us to this day.  For a Hindu kid from Chickasha, you taught me about competition and succeeding and what ‘The Hustle’ means in sport and business. Thank you for that.  Tennis competition and trying to get better have helped all aspects of life.
Wish I saw you more. Be well and I hope to win my first Senior clay event gold ball in your presence in Sarasota. I’ll need a good partner like you were to each of us.
Much love, Vivek.”



OKCJRPICS_328 copy 2.jpg
img006 2 copy 2.jpg
“Bill making Peter Burroughs take his 10th lesson of the day despite he complaining he was tired.  Hard work can never be overlooked in achieving success. The dedication of all involved was amazing.  Tennis is a sport that needs to be passed on.”




“Not a day goes by in my life that I am not thankful for my junior tennis days and all of the great memories.  Bill had high expectations for me.  He made it very clear to all of us that getting better and winning was the ONLY option.  Bill gave me the confidence to be a winner in just about everything I did in life.
 Bill nominated me and my mother and my brother for the Oklahoma Tennis Hall of Fame and then stood and presented us when we were inducted.  The Braver family connects the dots and we would not have done what we have done in tennis and in life had it not been for Bill Rompf and we are forever grateful to him.
 When the MVTA Sectionals was played in Des Moines (where Bill was from) he told me that I was driving to the tournament with him.  I was only 14.  He had had a rough night.  Before we left and when I met him at OCTC, he told me I was driving.  He had a BMW 2002, Tii – a classic!  But it was a standard shift, which I had never driven.  We practiced awhile in the parking lot and then I drove 8 hours straight while he slept in the back seat.  When we got to Des Moines, we went to a cheap seafood place.  We drank and ate and then he took me to his Mom’s house and went out with his friends. But I do remember doing well at that year’s Sectional.  That was Bill.  Another time, we were in Omaha and I had to play the #1 seed in the MVTA Sectionals in Boy’s 16’s in the semi’s.  He told me he wasn’t going to watch the match because he expected me to win.  And if I didn’t, he wasn’t going to give me a ride back home to OKC.  Great coaching!  BUT, it worked! I WON!”

get-attachment-14 3 copy 2.jpg
DOD: 12/17/20

Scott “Duppy” Blumenthal along with his brothers David and Kevin, joined Rompf’s program in the first years at OCTC. Always a “handful”, these boys all combined talent and never-ending mischief that bordered  disbelief with fun. Rompf always referred to Duppy as the “good” Blumenthal and he “was one of the moist popular and liked kids in the program.”

Duppy began his career in tennis from the age of 10, and quickly became a top ranked player in singles and doubles in Oklahoma, ranking as high as #1 (with John Winteringer) and top 3 in the MVTA. He also was a HS standout at Oklahoma Christian School where he and brother David won the State Championship in 1982. The brothers also won several sectional events, “mainly because he was so damn good. You were blessed if you were able to take the court with him as he always tried his hardest and had a way of letting you know it was ok to make a mistake” says David.

Scott went on to UCSB in California and had a very solid college career beating some of the best national players many of whom went on to the pros. Sadly, Duppy passed in 2021, way too soon, and will be sorely missed.





Brian Donal Fitzpatrick died on April 12, 1985 at the age of 15 on the tennis court - doing what he most loved to do - competing in a High School tennis match for Putnam City North High School. His death was the result of a previously undiagnosed cardiac abnormality. He will always be best remembered by his friends and classmates and tennis coachers and peers as an avid tennis enthusiast who made the HS Varsity team at PC North as a freshman. 

Brian played in the Rompf/Summerfield elite tennis academy and his parents were Summerfield Club members and active. players as well.

Brad Bailey.jpg
6/15/65 - 12/24/14

Brad was in Rompf's program in the beginning days at OCTC in the early 70's.  He was one of the top junior players in Oklahoma, ranking number 1 in 12’s and 14’s and the top 8 in the Missouri Valley section. Bill was instrumental in setting the foundation for Brad’s competitive spirit and drive, which he maintained throughout his tennis career. In his teens, Brad's family relocated to Texas where he was ranked in the top ten in 16’s and 18’s and as high as 80 nationally in the USTA.

He played his first two years of college tennis at Midland Junior College where he was an All-American both years, wining the National Junior Collegiate Championships in doubles his sophomore year. He also helped lead the team to a National Championship.

Brad finished his last two years in college receiving a full scholarship at Brigham Young University where he played in the top 3 in singles and doubles. BYU was a top 20 nationally ranked team both years.


After college, Brad remained  in the tennis business and was a popular teaching proat clubs in Las Vegas and in Dallas, before his passing in 2014. Brad always reminisced about his early years in OKC with Rompf and his junior peers counting them as some of his most favorite memories.

Please see Brad's Obituary here:

Bradford Bailey | Obituary | The Duncan Banner

8/26/62 - 12/18/13

Les joined our junior program back in OCTC days and was a top Oklahoma ranked junior player and MVTA contender. He and his father Dick were very active members and avid players at the club. Les was a great athlete and tennis was just one of the many sports that he played well in addition to baseball, football, golf and swimming.  


Les played for Heritage Hall where he was a member of their State Championship Team for all four years playing with other Rompf OCTC players. He attended the University of Oklahoma.


Please view Lester's Obituary here:

Lester Franklin Darnell Obituary - Oklahoma City, OK

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The above stories and quotes were taken from the OKC Junior Champions Questionnaire that Bill sent out to students during the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020.  The purpose of the questionnaire was to collect information on what Rompf students had been doing since their OKC junior tennis days and what they were currently doing in their lives.   
The responses and the common themes that were sent back tell a very memorable story in itself, reflecting what we all had in common, our shared experiences, and our personal memories of those times.

If you did receive a questionnaire and would like to refresh or update it or send in additional pictures, please feel free to contact us to do so.  

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