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While this OKC Junior Champions Reunion may understandably focus mainly on

former students and families close to the OKC area and nearby communities, Bill

plans to be in OKC this summer in the month of June 10, 2023 and we

are planning a mini OKC Junior Tennis Champions Reunion for all those in

Oklahoma and nearby and, of course, encouraging even those from afar to consider

joining us. There will be old memories remembered and new memories created for

all of us celebrating now almost 40 years or more since we played and trained and

competed together in the 80’s and 90’s at OCTC, Summerfield and Edmond Racquet

Clubs. It will be good times, with good friends and lots of food and drink and

activities to keep both you and your families busy. Parents are encouraged to

attend! If you would like to help in organizing this event, please reach out to Bill

(401-662-5880) or Bryan (405-830-3028). We can definitely use your help! We

will keep you updated!!!!!

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