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Similar to the expertise that the Scholarship Committee represents in making the selection of scholarship annual award winners, Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation Fundraising Committee is comprised of individuals who are equally as knowledgeable in terms of tennis qualifications, but as well, involved in the financial world and business and very familiar with fundraising and charitable entities specifically involving 501C-3 foundations. Their on court success has followed them in their financial careers and they are both gifted in business as well as highly regarded in the financial world with connections and the wherewithal to help significantly grow the Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation so that it will be an enduring legacy to make junior tennis players dreams come true. They will ensure well into the future the foundation's purpose and mission and pass forward once again what Bill Rompf created in his students and they achieved in both on and off the court throughout their lives. This rare combination of familiarity with tennis and achievement in business makes them a critical and impactful addition for the foundation’s work into the future.


Eric Aanes

Brandon Bethea

Paul Kloberdanz

Steven Stokdyk

Chase Arnold

Bryan Geiger

Chris Leap

Vivek Varma

Bill Canon

Krunch Kloberdanz

Bill Rompf

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