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The Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation Scholarship Committee is comprised of those Board members who are most qualified by way of their experience and expertise to help identify and select worthy junior applicants for the scholarship in any one year.  Further, many have also been chosen based on their immediate proximity to the Oklahoma City Area and their knowledge of the programs, competitions, results, and players who reside and train in the Oklahoma City area.  Each is either a Bill Rompf Academy student or former Academy teaching professional, who is totally in sync with both Bill and his teaching philosophy and legacy in junior tennis. They will be able to best follow the mission and the criteria of the scholarship to award it to players most eligible both in terms of potential, as well as, need and aspiration.  We are very fortunate to have this exceptional group in charge of selecting our Bill Rompf scholarship award winners for the Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation.

Meredith Geiger Walton

Paul Kloberdanz

Mary Rompf

John Winteringer

Mitty Arnold

Bryan Geiger

Phil Lancaster

Otis Funches Jr.

Lee Wright

Kavita Varma

Shea Heatherington Barakatt

David Minihan

Bill Rompf

Nicole Shapard Jacobsen

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