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“The true ‘Champions’ are the people who want to leave their sport better than they found it.” 

Sport.  Nothing is more American.  Nothing is more loved or more celebrated the world over.  It is that pure essence that represents human hard work, competition, and skill and does its best to be played without politics or prejudice.  It is healthy both physically and mentally.  It is fun.  It builds us and challenges us to be better.  It is beloved and appreciated whether you are a competitor or a fan.


And it is good for us - and especially so - for our youth. 

Tennis imparticular is a very unique sport that too often is not appreciated for either its level of skill or its absolute rigor.  Famed sports psychologist and founder of mental toughness training, Dr. James Loehr, says it is singularly one of the toughest sports ever in terms of competition.  “You are all alone.  It’s just you and your opponent.  There are no coaches or teammates to help or encourage you.  There are no time outs.  There are no time limits.  The way that the game is scored means you are never out until the final point is played.  Points can endure for minutes. Matches can last for hours. You play regardless of heat or cold or wind.  There is no other sport that presents these unique and incredibly difficult parameters in which to compete.”


Yet, as we all know, either by way of personal experience as a player, or coach, or parent, or even an aficionado of play, tennis is one of the most powerful character builders in all of sport.  It teaches you how to train and prepare.  It teaches you how to compete and how to gain from the experience in both winning and losing.  It teaches you sportsmanship and trying your best, win or lose.  It teaches you dedication and fight and humility that builds character and life skills both on court and in life beyond the court.

I believe that being involved in the game of tennis is the single most important opportunity I was given in my life.  And to have been able to pass this on to others – especially young people – is the greatest gift imaginable. 

My students – now my life long friends – have achieved and succeeded on court and throughout their lives because they learned to work hard for what they wanted and to win. 

They learned that by way of their hard work and believing in themselves – believing that they could achieve their dreams in spite of any obstacle set in their way – positive character traits that have carried beyond the court and into their lives, their careers, and all of their relationships.  And every day these same skills and life lessons learned are passed forward – now by them - to those they meet and to their own children.  It’s a “pay it forward” gift that just keeps on giving.


Has your experience in tennis not proved this to you?  Are these not your same feelings too?  Has it not kept you striving to do and be your best always?  Is it not entrenched in your being?  Has it not opened doors for you in your personal life and career always?  Are so many your life long friends not your tennis friends?

So, what greater opportunity and gift could we have than to pass this on?  To give this seed to other young people who like ourselves will grow from it and experience it and let it become a life-long factor in their lives.  Why not allow the opportunity and experience that each of us has received from tennis to be passed on to other young people?  Especially those who may not be able to afford to learn or play the game and achieve their dreams?

The Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation is an opportunity for you to give back to young people - just like you were – and provide them a skill and passion to be their best and to achieve all of the positive characteristics and attributes the sport has given to us all.

It’s a “no brainer.”  It’s a gift we have all earned and now we are able to give it back. What a wonderful ability we have to provide this incredible opportunity to a deserving young person.


Please be a part of this effort.  Please be generous and consistent in giving something back - that has meant so much to each of us – to other kids in tennis that need our help.

Thank you so much for your support and being a part of this opportunity.

- Bill


Our goal - our mission - is to provide the same opportunity that tennis has given us all to deserving junior players who might not be able to reach their tennis goals or achieve their tennis dreams without some financial support.  

While Bill Rompf's personal dream was always to seek the best in each of his players and his belief was that he could produce national champions from Oklahoma City, he understood well that at whatever level a player developed to, tennis was the sport that would impart to them the life lessons and skills important to achieving success both on and off court in their lives.  


Your donation will support bringing tennis and all of its attributes and positive character traits to children who want to learn to play the game and reach their best, whether it be making a High School tennis team or winning a national championship.  Thank you for your support and generous donations.


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Your donation amount will be affected by PayPal or Venmo service fees. 

To avoid any reduction in your donation dollars, consider sending in a physical check as noted below. 

You can also send a check to: 

Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation

Attn: Bryan Geiger, President

Gateway First Bank

6303 Waterford Blvd STE 100

Oklahoma City, OK  73118





 Donation of $10,000 or More

Steve Stokdyk

Vivek Varma

Rob Autry

Eric Aanes



 Donation of $5,000 or More

Bill Rompf

Coco Rompf



 Donation of $1,000 or More

William Rompf, II

Bryan Geiger

Chris Leap

The Chris Arnold Family

Krunch Kloberdanz

Clyde and Paula Crutchmer

Deno and Kristen Maggi

Greg Sabouri



 Donation of $500 or More

Brian Devening

Billy Canon

Sue Winteringer

John Winteringer

Mary Norwood Rompf

Charles Fradin

Steven Frank

Luke and Haley Tomlin

Dr. James E. Loehr

Doug Smith

Hans and Kathy Morsbach Family

Phil Lancaster



 Donation of $100 or More

Nancy Geiger

Elisa Norwood

Candy MacDonald

Tony and Patti Olender

Jeff Holzberlein

Ray Benton

Patricia Jeffery

The Methvin Family

Peter Burroughs

Mitty Arnold

Chase Arnold

The Bill Hetherington Family

Shea Hetherington Barakatt

Bill and Brian Barnes

John Foster

Ethan Handel

Fred and Jo Falkner

Elizabeth Moore

Barbara Groves

William Ewen

Buff Farrow

MaryAnn Rompf

John and Heidi Marling

Bob Skow

Dick and Anne Gould

Ericka Shapard Croft

Nicole Shapard Jacobsen

Joshua Bainton

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