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The Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation scholarship is awarded to an Oklahoma City Area boy or girl who has proven themselves in USTA Missouri Valley Sectional play and exhibits strong potential in the game of tennis. This player(s) has qualified for and has a desire to play in USTA National level junior events. The player(s), as part of the application criteria and process, will have to prove financial need to qualify and receive funds. 

The scholarship funding is to be up to $2,500.00 in eligible and proven expenses incurred during the 12-month period after the scholarship award date, to be reimbursed until funds are exhausted. At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, the scholarship funding may also be awarded to a deserving player(s) retroactively in reimbursement for proven travel expenses incurred in the same calendar year of their application.

If, at the Scholarship Committee’s sole discretion, there is another male or female applicant, who qualify in the same year and in the Scholarship Committee’s opinion is eligible at the National level, a second $2,500 scholarship may be awarded based on the same criteria above.  

Further, if in the Scholarship Committee’s opinion, there is a year in which there are no national level eligible applicants, the Scholarship Committee will have the discretion to award scholarship funds based on the above criteria to a boy and/or girl from the Oklahoma City Area who exhibits strong potential at the USTA Missouri Valley Sectional level.

And alternatively, should the Scholarship Committee believe that there are junior player applicants in any one year who do not fulfill either the National or Sectional qualifications, yet exhibit extreme potential and promise and need financial help to continue their progress in tennis, the Committee may elect to provide funding to help an Oklahoma City boy and/or girl or a developmental tennis program in the Oklahoma City Area.

A current year scholarship recipient may reapply to the Scholarship Committee for a second $2,500 scholarship award, if they have fully exhausted their initial award in proven end approved expenses, and can justify and prove need for additional  financial assistance to play and compete in that same year.
Also, current year scholarship recipients can be advanced reimbursement for expenses that are pre-charged on their credit card for anticipated qualified expenses that will occur subsequently in the scholarship year, if they do not have the ability to incur those expenses prior to reimbursement.  In this circumstance, the Scholarship Committee and Board will allow such an advance against the charge and require subsequent proof of that expense by way of submitted receipts when it does occur.
Scholarship recipients may also reapply for new scholarship funding and financial assistance in a succeeding year(s), if approved by the Scholarship Committee.

This scholarship is need-based and will provide funding for tournament travel/play expenses for a junior player who lacks financial means to travel/enter into National level or Sectional events (in this case, if there are no National level qualified applicants).  Funding will be based on desire, aspiration, character, citizenship, academic achievement, sportsmanship, and dedication.  Funding will follow the guidelines of the OSSAA and NCAA amateurism specifications.

The Following Oklahoma junior tennis players/champions have been awarded a scholarship by the Bill Rompf Junior Tennis Foundation:
Taytum Jones
Ian Wu 
Taytum Jones
Ian Wu
J.P. Huston
Penelope Smith
Ty Taylor



Parent/Guardian 2 years tax return (page 1 and 2 of Form 1040 only)


Recommendation from the applicant’s personal tennis coach(es)


Official Academic Transcript from the applicant's current school


Copies of expense receipts will be required before the scholarship funding is awarded


Recommendation from USTA Oklahoma Junior Competition Committee or school personnel/teacher who knows candidate well


Two well-written statements are required of each applicant:
“How will the scholarship benefit you?” And “What are your goals in tennis?”

For 2024, the application deadline and the scholarship award(s) may be anytime within the 2024 calendar year as determined by the Foundation Committee Scholarship.  

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