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Taytum Jones competed at the SouthLake Boy's 16 Level tournament, in SouthLake, Texas on April 4 - 7. In spite of wind gusts up to 40 MPH and a new "Trinity" tennis ball, Taytum battled winning his first match 2,3; his second match 2,6 (7-0) (after being down 5-2 in the second set and saving 4 match points); in his semi-finals he won 6-0 in the first, lost the second 6-0 and then won the tiebreak 10-3. He won in the final 2,3.

He is now ranked his first year in Boy's 16's, 10 in OK, 21 in the MVTA, and 418 nationally with a WTN of 20.17 in singles and 25.62 in doubles. 

In every sport and every life endeavor, champions always find a way to win. Way to go Taytum!!!!!

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